Reduce the Odds

Unfortunately violence is on the increase in our society, and it is important for us to know how to protect ourselves and reduce the odds so that we can go about our normal lives safely and with confidence.

Most of us don’t want to study a martial art for years to learn how to fight…. and we believe that you don’t have to. You need to learn how to fight back effectively in realistic situations and also understand how not to become the victim of an attack in the first place.

Our program is designed for everyone regardless of age and fitness level. It is not a martial arts course, it’s an educational program. We teach you practical, effective and uncomplicated techniques to help you escape from the most common scenarios you would most likely encounter if attacked. We teach you to understand pre-attack rituals and how victims are selected, giving you a mental edge.

Reduce the odds - women self defence

Classes are run in a relaxed atmosphere, we encourage participants to be interactive, have fun and enjoy learning a new skill.

Researched from real life attacks, the techniques were refined using full contact responses to full power attacks from male role players.

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Women’s Self Defence – ‘Avoidance through awareness’ Workshop

A one-hour workshop that can be presented as a PowerPoint presentation.

The object of the course is to give women the necessary skills to avoid becoming the victim of an assault.

Topics covered in the Workshop:

· Definition of awareness from a Self-Defence perspective
· Understanding the different Levels of Awareness
· Techniques on becoming more aware.
· Understanding how an attacker chooses his victim.
· Understanding and controlling your personal space.
· Principles to stay safe.
· Response strategies.

What they’re saying about our course……

It was a lot of fun, but you learn a lot too. It has made me more aware and has made me feel empowered – Katie Morris

Really simple techniques to get out of what may seem difficult situations. Extremely practical. It got me thinking about how important it is to be aware of my own and my friends safety on nights out – Joanna Butcher

I really found the course informative and beneficial. All the moves and techniques were simple to learn and remember. Most of all, it was very enjoyable – Jo Agnew

It was really fun and related techniques were explained very well. I found it very useful and would definitely do it again – Kirsten Ennis

This course taught me when and how to break social norms and protocols by demonstrating situations that are dangerous, or about to become dangerous, and engendered the reflex of what to do given the significant opportunities to practice during the course. Brilliant! Thank you – Karen Devine

I found this course extremely enlightening and practical. I’d recommend it to any female young or old, and would love to see it as part of a social curriculum in all secondary schools – M Meister

The techniques make perfect sense, and have made me feel confident that I can defend myself – Sara Ryland Naerum

I think every girl/woman should do this course at least once in their lives. I learned a lot and I am very happy that I did it. I feel more confident. Thank you – Jolanda

At age 65, I have just completed the Defend U course. I feel so much more confident now. I have learned skills for coping with the most common forms of attack, and ways to avoid being attacked. This course is an essential for women of all ages. – A Murphy

I had always wanted to try out a self defence course and I’m glad I finally did. The course was interesting, comprehensive and fun – I feel confident having learned some basic techniques in self defence. It also gets you thinking about keeping safe and being aware of your environment. I’d recommend this course to all of my female friends – Linda Crowe

I hope to never need to use those techniques I learned, but I am happy I know them and feel much better if I have to walk in the dark. The friendly atmosphere for learning them is great. Thank you – Marketa

“Reduce the Odds is vital for any woman nowadays so that they can feel safe in their own skin when out alone. The course is very easy to follow and taught in a great friendly environment. I would recommend it strongly – for safety and a bit of fun!” – Sarah

“I found it very relaxed and personal, while being informatative and to the point. It was good to know that by simply showing the will to resist could perhaps deter an attack. I feel with the techniques learned, that I am not only more aware of my surroundings, but more capable of defending myself than I was before” – Fiona

“Great teachers, easy going pace, very well presented and explained, made feel very at ease with the techniques. The practical side with the suit was fantastic, it was great to really practice on a ‘real attacker’” – Aoibheann Baird

“Excellent, very informative. All girls/women show know the basic techniques on how to escape. Instructors answered all our questions to the best of their ability and made the whole course fun” – Ruth

“This is a fantastic course, all women should do it! I’m going to encourage my daughters to attend” – Helen

“I have recommended this course to all my friends. I found it very useful; the trainers were very professional and made the sessions fun and interesting. The techniques are easy to use and remember, and the materials used (mats, helmet etc) are totally appropriate. Absolutely worth it!” – Laura

“A very useful first step. Helps to develop awareness and the techniques address realistic attacks” – Tamarack

“The course was the most unique due to: being actually able to practice the techniques shown with full power on someone, the suit allowed the situations to be a realistic as possible and allowed you to see the techniques working in action” – Jessica O’Meara

“It was very informative, every woman should do it. It should be taught in schools and colleges. The instructors are excellent and always made you feel at ease” – Claire

“I’m more aware now, I would think before walking around areas where my personal safety might be threatened. It has also made me more consious of carrying my bag and using my mobile phone etc.” – Kay

“I found the course made me feel more aware of the actions I can take to defend myself” – Sharon Murphy

“I enjoyed the course so much that I participated in Level 1 twice. The excercises are very engaging, but there is also very good theory cover. I feel like this has prepared me very well for any dangerous situations I find myself in. I can’t wait to go on another course, even if it were another Level 1″ – Tayja Khosrawi

“I found the teachers were great, they explained everything very well. I am aware of my safety now and I feel I can help protect myself and my children” – Deirdre

“I think more women should do the course, so if they get attacked they would have a chance of defending themselves and I feel this course has made me more aware of my safety” – Louise Kiely

“At first I found it very embarrassing with a man showing you how to defend yourself against a man. As the course went on I felt a bit better in myself and I would be more aware walking down streets or taking short cuts” – Sharon

“I think that the course was very useful and I feel a lot more safe to know that if anything ever happened to me, at least I might have a chance… I really enjoyed it, thank you! – Wendy

“I think more women should do your course and be more aware of protecting themselves. I would like to thank you for your time with me” – Caroline

“This course is extremely benificial and easy to learn. I found the instructor’s techniques and approach easy to follow, and I now feel confident that I could prevent an abusive incident or defend myself if needs be. I would highly recommend this course” – Louise O’Connor

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