Our Mobility Flow class is designed to help you become more mobile for everyday life. MoFlo can help facilitate a healthy, functional and intelligent mind-body relationship, promoting freedom of movement while building strength and improving flexibility.

It has four sections of focus:

1) Full joint mobility routine from head to toe.

2) Daily maintenance, working on a specific area of the body.

3) A series of body movement exercises working into a flow.

4) We finish the class with some gentle stretching and some deep breath work.

MoFlo Class time

Class time: Thursday 6.30pm

Cost: Drop-in 16 euro. 8 class pass 85 euro (valid for 8 weeks)

Here’s a link to our current timetable!

Participation guidelines:

Our advice for anyone taking part in the mobility flow class, is to work in a safe and sensible manner. If you experience pain at any time, adjust your position or stop. Take rest when you feel the need to and always listen to your body. Work with the intention of coming out of class better than you came in.

MoFlo Reviews:

I took part in a yoga and moflo class run by Ray Butcher. Ray was a fantastic instructor and very good at interacting with the class! I would suggest Ray Butcher to anyone who is looking to get into yoga, jujitsu, or mindfulness.


The classes were enjoyable and Ray was friendly, and I felt comfortable asking him questions. I would recommend this class to anyone who has not participated in a class before, as I was a first timer and enjoyed it.


Ray created a good atmosphere in the class, and he has a very good knowledge of what he does. He is a great instructor and I highly recommend him. I really enjoyed the classes.


A friendly, knowledgeable and an experienced teacher who not only taught us well but also explained the many benefits of Yoga and Mobility flow. Ray answered all questions very passionately. I noticed he is really interested in the student’s learning. His headstand was top class. I attended Yoga and MoFlow classes, I enjoyed both classes very much and continue to use the routine regularly. 


I really enjoyed the Yoga and MoFlow with Ray Butcher. I loved the energy in the room and the way he taught us was really good.  He had lots of patients and made me feel really comfortable and relaxed. I left the class feeling amazing!!


I can’t say enough about Ray’s class, he was extremely encouraging, his class provided a wonderful foundation for practicing. I hope when restrictions lift, I can do more classes with him.


Thoroughly enjoyed everything about these classes!!  Ray was very patient and gave excellent instructions and plenty of encouragement.  I have never done Yoga or Moflow before but look forward to doing many more classes with Ray.


I really enjoyed the Yoga and MoFlow with Ray Butcher.  Ray was very friendly and explained everything thoroughly. He was extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions.  The best class I have attended!!