Our Mobility Flow class is designed to help you become more mobile for everyday life. To help facilitate a healthy, functional and intelligent mind-body relationship, promoting freedom of movement while building strength and improving flexibility.

The class has four sections of focus.

The first section is a full joint mobility routine from head to toe.

The second section is daily maintenance, working on a specific area of the body.

The third section is a series of body movement exercises working into a flow.

In the final section, we finish the class with some gentle stretching and some deep breath work.

Participation guidelines:
Our advice for anyone taking part in the mobility flow class, is to work in a safe and sensible manner. If you experience pain at any time, adjust your position or stop. Take rest when you feel the need to and always listen to your body. Work with the intention of coming out of class better than you came in.

Please read our terms and conditions for participation in our online classes.