Martial Arts Membership


Our 4 week courses for beginners cost 50 euro (More info here!)

Monthly 80 euro

We also have a 10 Class Pass, it’s 120 euro and valid for 3 months

A Drop-in Class is 15 euro for non-members


Full Time Student 16+ (on presentation of a valid student card)

Monthly Membership is 70 euro

10 Class Pass: 100 euro (valid for 3 months)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Under 18s attending Tues and Thurs classes only is 50 euro per month

A Drop-in class is 12 euro for non-members


Kids – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Aikido

Drop-in class: 8 euro (This is only available for the child’s first 3 classes)

Monthly: 25 euro (1 class per week)

Aikido Monthly: 40 euro (2 classes per week)



Drop-in class: 15 euro

8 class pass: 80 euro (valid for 8 weeks)

Drop-in class Full time Student 14+ (on presentation of a valid student card): 12 euro

Kids Yoga – please contact us for details


Please note that:

Monthly membership is payable by standing order only.

Membership and Class Pass validity periods cannot be extended, refunded, shared, or transferred under any circumstances.


Balance membership